Annual Report of The Chandigarh Chapter of IRIA for the year 2021

In the year 2021, Chandigarh Chapter of IRIA entered the ninth year of its formation. The total membership strength of Chandigarh Chapter of IRIA as of date now stands at more than 250.

The current Executive Committee is headed by Dr.Paramjeet Singh, as the President and Dr.Tulika Singh as the Secretary of the Chapter. Other members of the executive committee include Dr. Manavjit Singh Sandhu (President-Elect), Dr.Mahesh Prakash (Immediate Past President), Dr. Ravinder Kaur and Dr. Sandhya Dhankhar (Vice Presidents), Dr.Naveen Kalra (Immediate past Secretary), Dr. Chirag K Ahuja  (Treasurer), Dr.Sameer Vyas and Dr. Harish Bhujade (Joint Secretaries), Dr. Akshay K Saxena, Dr.Rahatdeep Brar, Dr. Amit Jain and Dr.Mahesh Praksh (Central Council members) and Dr.Anindita Sinha , Dr.Rupinder Singh, Dr. Rajeev Kapoor and Dr.Vikas Mittal (State Council members).

The 8th Annual Conference of the Chandigarh Chapter of IRIA was organized on 20th and 21st March 2021 on hybrid mode in view of ongoing covid pandemic, at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh. The theme of the conference was ‘Musculoskeletal radiology and Emergency Radiology’. The conference was inaugurated on 21st March 2021 by Dr Jagat Ram, Director, PGIMER. Dr Deepak Patkar, President, IRIA, was the Guest of Honour. Website of Chandigarh Chapter of IRIA was launched by the chief guests.  Certificates of Honour were presented to Dr Kushaljit Singh Sodhi, Dr Naveen Kalra, Dr Mahesh Prakash, Dr Manphool Singhal, Dr Chirag K Ahuja and Dr Sandhya Dhankhar for their contribution to Radiology in different capacities in the year 2020.  Dr Sudha Suri was honoured with teachers of teacher award

The scientific program of first day of conference covered all aspects emergency radiology. There were four international invited faculties from the USA. They were Dr Ajay Singh, Dr Michael lev, Dr Laura Avery, Dr John ConKlin. Second Day scientific program covered Musculoskeletal radiology. There were seven international invited faculty for musculoskeletal radiology, they were Dr Avneesh Chhabra, Dr Shivani Ahlawat, Swati Deshmukh and Dr Mahesh Thapa from USA ,Dr James Griffith from Hongkong, Dr James Linklater from Australia and Dr Harun Gupta from UK. Other eminent national faculty included Dr Anupam Jobta, Dr Mukesh Yadav, Dr Deepak Patkar Dr Vijender Arora, Dr Varaprsad and Dr Atul Taneja. Eminent speakers from the state chapter included Dr Mahesh Prakash, Dr Tulika Singh, Dr Anindita Sinha and Dr Pankaj Gupta,.

It was a very successful two-day meeting and was attended by about 225 delegates. Punjab Medical Council had accredited 4 CME hours for the conference.

Three virtual quarterly academic meetings were also organized by the Chandigarh Chapter of IRIA during the year 2021. Dr Paramjeet Singh, President of the Chapter, Dr Tulika Singh, Secretary of the Chapter and Dr Chirag K Ahuja were the moderators for these virtual meetings.

The first online quarterly meeting of the Chandigarh Chapter of IRIA for the academic session 2021 was organized on 29th May 2021. It was a theme-based meeting on ‘Fetal Radiology. There were about 400 attendees for the meeting. Dr Sandhya Dhankhar, Director Faith diagnostic Chandigarh, spoke on ‘Basics of 11-14 weeks scan’. Dr Ladbans Kaur, Director of prime diagnostic Chandigarh spoke on ‘Guidelines for mid trimester ultrasound’. Dr S Pradeep, Fetal medicine specialist from Fortis hospital. Bangalore spoke on ‘Update on fetal growth restriction’ and DR Chander Lulla from Ria Clinic Mumbai spoke on ‘Golden rule on imaging of twin gestation’.  

The second online quarterly meeting of the Chandigarh Chapter of IRIA for the academic session 2021 was organized on 4th September 2021. It was a theme-based meeting on ‘Neuroradiology update. There were about 150 attendees for the meeting. Dr Ajay Garg Professor of neuroradiology in AIIMS New Delhi, spoke on ‘Imaging in Brain infection approach to ring enhancing lesions. Dr Bejoy Thomas Professor Professor and Head, Dept. of Imaging sciences and Interventional Radiology SCTIMST, Trivandrum, Kerala, spoke on ‘New WHO Classification (2021) of cerebral glial neoplasia: What Radiologists need to know?’. Dr Vivek Gupta Associate Director and Head Interventional Neuroradiology, Paras Hospital, Panchkula spoke on ‘Imaging approach on hemorrhagic stroke’. And Dr Vikas Bhatia Associate Professor Radiodiagnosis, PGIMER, Chandigarh Spoke on ‘Imaging approach to acute ischemic Stroke’.Dr Anuj Prabhakar Assistant Professor PGIMER conducted interesting film reading session.

The third online quarterly meeting of the Chandigarh Chapter of IRIA for the academic session 2021 was organized on 20th November 2021 It was a theme-based meeting on ‘Doppler update’. There were about 175 attendees for the meeting. Dr Ujjwal Gorsi Associate Professor PGIMER, delivered a talk on ‘Doppler of peripheral veins of lower limbs’, Dr Harish Bhujade Assistant Professor PGIMER spoke on ‘Doppler ultrasound of liver’, Dr Sandhya Dhankhar talked on ‘Obstetric Doppler and Dr Ankur Dwivedi Assistant professor Homi Bhawa cancer hospital and research center new Chandigarh spoke on ‘Renal Doppler.

Apart from quarterly meeting we have two webinars also this year. First webinar was held on 26th June 2021 was delivered by Dr Jyoti Kumar, Professor AIIMS New Delhi, on Naso orbital Mucormycosis ‘Red Flags to Black Fungus’

Second webinar is on 24th July taken by Dr Ashu Seth Bhalla professor AIIMS New Delhi on ‘post covid pneumonia readmission imaging challenges’.

Chandigarh Chapters Samrakshan program was launched in collaboration of Maharashtra branch of IRIA in July. Dr Sandhya Dhankhar delivered web lectures under the Samrakshan programme of IRIA.

We have organized state level preliminary round of National IRIA quiz on 21stAugust 2021 and top two teams qualified for the north zonal round. Dr Chirag K Ahuja and Dr Harish Bhujade were the quiz masters for the same. The winner teams are Dr Saumitra and Dr Ruma from GMCH and Dr Damandeep and Dr Harshit from PGIMER.

Dr N Khandelwal and Dr Suman Kochhar (Posthumous) was nominated for best teacher from the chapter for the National IRIA teacher’s day celebration and they were honored during the teacher’s day celebration on 5th September 2021.

Dr M S Sandhu and Dr Paramjeet Singh was nominated from the chapter for honour research and innovation on international day of radiology celebration by National IRIA .

Dr Sudha Suri, Dr Ravinder Kaur, Dr Raman Nijhawan and Dr Sanjeev Sodhi were nominated from the chapter for the ethical practice in radiology, for International day of radiology celebration by National IRIA. They were awarded for the same on 8th November 2021 in international day of radiology celebration by National IRIA

Chandigarh chapter celebrated international day of radiology on 8th November 2021 and organized a webinar on theme interventional radiology in active patient care as proposed by central IRIA. Dr Ajay Kumar Professor PGIMER delivered a talk on ‘Angio suite management in COVID times’ and Dr Shreedhar B spoke on ‘Has interventinal radiology made life easy for clinicians?’ It was very informative and well attended webinar.

The branch members actively participated in the activities of the IRIA at the national level.

Dr Mahesh Prakash is appointed as joint secretary of Indian College of Radiology and Imaging for year 2021-22 and was coordinator of online ICRI refresher course. Dr Naveen Kalra continued as member of the subspeciality group of Interventional Radiology. Dr Mahesh Prakash and Dr Naveen Kalra were nominated member of the Scientific Committee of IRIA Research and Education Foundation for the year 2021

Dr K.S. Sodhi was coordinator for all Pediatric Radiology theme webinars conducted by ICRI -IRIA and Dr Manphool Singhal was coordinator for all Cardiac radiology webinars conducted by ICRI-IRIA for 2021. Dr Kushaljit Singh Sodhi and Dr Mahesh Prakash were Invited as guest faculty speaker for Rajendra Rao CME 2021 conducted by Punjab Chapter of IRIA in Amritsar. Dr. Kushaljit Singh Sodhi, Dr Mahesh Prakash, Dr Tulika Singh, Dr Naveen kalra, Dr Harish Bhujade and Dr Anindita Sinha  were invited as faculty in various IRIA-ICRI symposia. Dr Naveen Kalra, was invited as faculty for the IRIA-ICRI IREP course.

President and Secretary of Chandigarh chapter were invited to inaugurate the newly installed solar panel in IRIA House New Delhi on 14th November 2021 to acknowledge major contribution of 5 lacs for IRIA building funds. Dr Tulika Singh attended and inaugurated the solar panel. Dr Amit Jain CCM was also present for the ceremony.

The Chandigarh Chapter was also very active at the Raksha front. Dr Sandhya Dhankar and Dr Nidhi Prabhakar worked as convener of the Raksha initiative for the year 2021. Three Raksha activities were organized on 3rd August, 3rd September and 14th November 2021. Dr Paramjeet Singh, Dr Tulka Singh, Dr Ravinder Kaur, Dr Purnima Agarwal, actively participated in all these activities.

Tulika Singh
Secretary, Chandigarh Chapter of IRIA


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